No Country For Old White Men

As I was watching the debacle known as the Kavanaugh hearing, I was struck by all of the old white male faces. Seriously. Grassley should be on The Walking Dead. I knew they were there, but the visual really hit me. Retire already you old-out-of-touch mean-spirited dudes. Enough already.

I love Joe Biden and am a big Bernie fan, but I will never again vote for an old white man. I am not talking about 50 year-olds. I am talking about these guys who represent the patriarchy. Trample the patriarchy. It is ruining our country. How did they decide that their world view is the only right view? Last time I checked women were over 50% of the US population. I would think at least 60% of us are really furious at the way women are being depicted and treated. We are undervalued and under-represented.

Trump is stoking the partisan fires. That is the opposite of what this country needs. Can you imagine any other President saying, “The only reason to vote Democratic is if you like to lose?” Can you imagine any other Speaker of the House other than turtle-neck McConnell saying that it was his proudest moment when he told President Obama that he would not get to confirm a Supreme Court Justice? Can you imagine anyone believing that protesters are paid by Soros. But just to let you know, an 8th grade girl said that to me today. She listens to Rush Limbaugh. Depressing.

Now that we have entered the Republican twilight zone, we need to take stock. What can we do to turn this around? My answer is women. Even more women have to run for office. We need to run for anything and everything, local state and Federal, especially for seats held by Republicans long-term. Having Democrats run creates a dialog. Voters hear two sides. What’s important to you? More women have to get involved in politics on an on-going basis. My state has been in Republican default mode for decades, but that is starting to change. As candidate Jen Gibson said, “At least let's make them work for it." Amen.

If you are asking yourself if you can do it, ask these questions:

  1. Do I have the commitment to see this through?

  2. Do I have the support of family and friends?

  3. Can I invest the time it takes to run?

  4. Do I enjoy public speaking and meeting people?

  5. Can I ask for money?

If so, do it. It's the Year of the Woman, despite Trump and his merry band of elves. Let’s make ourselves heard. There’s no better way than by beating them.