Our Services

Not your typical political consultants

HWW is a new model in political consulting. We provide strategy and on-going support for you and your campaign. We manage the obstacles to reaching voters in your district and identify the opportunities.

Many political consultancies are mail houses with a strategy component. Their answer to your campaign needs is mail, mail and more mail. Traditional mail has a low return on investment. It can help seed name recognition, but it is expensive and should only be a facet of a communications plan. HWW does not own a mail house nor are we affiliated with one.

We are aligned with cutting edge organizations which use technology to spread your message and volunteer organizations that provide ancillary support to candidates. Help Women Win  moves beyond traditional, expensive and unproductive campaign methods and strategies to create innovative campaigns uniquely tailored to your race. 

Running for office can be scary and candidates often feel alone and confused. Help Women Win will be with you every step of the way providing everything you need for a winning campaign. 

What We Offer



  • Logo and tagline development

  • Messaging

  • Domain suggestions

  • Web Site copy and design

  • Design for flyer, door hanger and business cards

  • Social Media set up

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • YouTube

  • Fundraising basics




  • Voter data assessment and plan to augment data, if necessary

  • Target identification

  • Strategy development

  • Win number identification

  • Segmentation



Plan to Win

  • Develop a sequenced plan including

  • Email marketing

  • Voter mail

  • Donor mail

  • Social media

  • Events

  • Meeting voters

  • Phonebanking plan

  • Canvassing

  • Media relations


Other Resources Your Campaign Will Need

Professional photographer

Fundraising support

Local coordinator

Campaign accountant